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Modern Dentistry


It is because of this, that we can offer our patients today a so comprehensive and optimal basis of treatment! The possibilities are endless… However the continuing changes brought about by research and improved technology, the many possibilities bring a large responsibility for the dentist. New forms of treatment and new materials have to be tested and proven through clinical studiesbefore they can be used.


In our dental office we only offer treatment possibilities and concepts that have been tested and proven to be long lasting and constant in quality. Yet another precondition is the professional management of your treatment and its development.  Our philosophy and the intention of our treatment is to help you have healthy teeth for life! We take the time to find out about your wishes and worries and to work with you developing your treatment plan.


Through the use of preventive thinking and preventive, minimally invasive treatment we preserve and sustain teeth and gums to make a difference and to give you a natural vibrancy in your smile. The foundation of your treatment is built through your medical diagnosis and your treatment planning.

The seven pillars of your therapy are as follows:

  • The methodical preservation of the teeth and gums
  • Custom made aesthetical fixed and removable prosthodontics for a better quality of life
  • Optimal aesthetic
  • The restoration of the trouble free undisturbed chewing fuction
  • The usage of biocompatible materials
  • The use of regenerative  methods
  • Professional treatment management

The restoration of the chewing function means so much more as only being able to eat well. With the use of modern dentistry we can eliminate the kind of problems that have a harmful effect on your health. At the same time the restoration offers you a better quality of life, more self-confidence and more vitality. It makes a difference and lets your smile shine even brighter!

“We treat you the way that we would like to be treated ourselves!”

Dr. Johnannes Heimann

Example 1: All-ceramic anterior tooth reconstruction

Beispiel 1: Vollkeramische Frontzahnrekonstruktion

Example 2: All-ceramic anterior tooth reconstruction

Beispiel 2: Vollkeramische Frontzahnrekonstruktion

Example 3: Full ceramic posterior tooth reconstruction

Beispiel 3: Vollkeramische Seitenzahnrekonstruktion

Example 4: Full ceramic implant reconstruction

Beispiel 4: Vollkeramische Implantatrekonstruktion

  additional qualifications

  • Specialized in implantology (DGI – German society for implantology)
  • International und national speakerin implantology
  • Two Year advanced training by the DGI – German society for implantology
  • Specialized in functionaldiagnostics and theapie
  • University teaching position in the University of Marburg
  • Advanced Training by the German society for periodontics
  • Advanced Training by the Institute of periodontics and implantology in Munich
  • Laser trainer
  • Speaker in the area of Laser Treatment
  • Specialized  in functionaldiagnostics and functionaltherapie
  • Speaker in the area of functional orientated dentistry
  • implantology
  • laser treatment
  • restorative functional diagnostics and therapy
    • Curriculum Endodontologie (by the DGI – German society for root canal treatment)
    • Perennia certified training in root canal treatment